Bayesian Consulting Services (BCS) offers expert-level support in developing strategies for countless business challenges by leveraging the predictive nature of Bayesian networks. A few of the questions we have supported answering are:

  • What is the best launch price for our new product, given our competitive place in the market?
    • Why have we not been able to achieve our target levels of production waste?
  • What part of our process needs to change to achieve the desired thresholds?
  • On what product attributes should we focus to drive purchase intent?
    • How does this differ by region and by country?
  • How should we approach our hiring/attrition strategy to optimize performance while managing costs?
    • How does this differ by department?

BCS collaborates with clients in multiple industries to develop optimal strategies by predicting outcomes under different scenarios through 3 distinct project phases



Develop a plan to collect the most valuable data points for maximum predictive power



Assess what factors are most critical to confidently make a decision



Determine the actions to be taken for achievement of optimal results

BCS is committed to be a valued thought partner with subject matter experts within each client organization, gaining alignment from all stakeholders