Expert Knowledge Workshops

Research Services
November 24, 2017

One of the hallmarks of Bayesian networks is their flexibility. When vast quantities of data are not available, the challenge need not be relegated to qualitative analysis alone. BCS offers 2 day strategic workshops to develop a robust, quantitative, predictive model incorporating expert knowledge. The strategic workshops are part of a 3-step process:

1. Expert Knowledge Identification

Determine who within the organization has the best insight into the challenge itself or the factors impacting the outcome. Depending on the challenge, expert knowledge can reside with a variety of stakeholders – from factory line-workers to the Chief Marketing Officer to sales team members.

Objective: Prioritize the expert knowledge/insights among internal team members

2. Expert Interviews

Once identified, BCS will interview the expert stakeholders on up to 3 occasions to understand their perception of the challenge, top factors contributing to it and why, any hypotheses regarding the optimal solution, and reaction to estimates/insights of other team members

Objective: Leverage knowledge and experience among team members, assess level of potential contribution, and develop preliminary model inputs list and values

3. Expert Workshop

2 day workshop, facilitated by BCS leadership, where inputs are finalized, model is developed and strategic path-forward developed

Objective: Incorporate expert insight, develop quantitative outputs, and gain alignment across departments in order to increase commitment and follow-through for action plan

Following the workshop, a final report is developed for broader socialization among the organization that highlights the methodology, the outputs and insights, the agreed-upon actions, responsibilities moving forward and subsequent questions to be answered.