Research Services

Expert Knowledge Workshops
November 24, 2017
Data Analysis
December 7, 2016

BCS boasts a team with extensive research in both primary and secondary research to develop the most robust and informed model inputs.

1. Primary research offerings include:

Online survey design and execution with optional complex survey methodologies including:

  • Conjoint
  • Max-Diff
  • Derived Importance

In-depth interview design and execution to elicit a deeper understanding of qualitative trends, customer/stakeholder challenges, and unmet needs. Often in-depth interviews are employed as a first step in survey development to ensure alignment with market considerations

BCS works with multiple global panel partners to ensure the highest quality respondent base for each undertaking, in each different industry

2. Secondary research is conducted for all engagements to validate inputs.

Sources used are market-dependent and range from academic journals to government publications to commercially prepared market research reports. Outputs from the secondary research are summarized and compared to either client estimates or to outputs from primary research to highlight alignment or divergence among different sources